Commute Life Meal Prep


So I started a new this week and have a much longer commute, which inevitably means I will be getting home later and having less time to cook. I was not about to let that get in the way of healthy eating so last night I baked chicken breast, roasted butternut squash and just steamed mixed veggies. Portioned it all out for ready to grab and re-heat dinners.


2 thoughts on “Commute Life Meal Prep

  1. DetoxMama

    I’ve always found the tricky part of eating healthy is when other important priorities conflict. “Well, it’s my JOB and I’m exhausted & starving so I”ll just have to eat whatever”, or “this is my friend’s wedding so I need to eat what they’ve served, why can’t I just eat like everyone else for one day”, etc. Real commitment is never allowing a single excuse – which I haven’t yet perfected myself. I commend your planning and dedication!

    • Exactly! I KNEW this job would throw me for a complete loop and that I’d be exhausted by the time I got home so having healthy, already made meals on hand has been a life saver! Thank you!

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