Baby Steps to Paleo I: Identify Your Mantra


With the new year, I have had more and more people contact me to ask about what this whole “paleo” thing is all about. Unfortunately many of them have already tried it and failed after just a few weeks. Mostly because they dove in head first and went cold turkey. Well I’ve been working on a series of posts that I am very excited to kick off tonight, as the Olympics end (anyone else feel like they flew by this year, or was that just me!?).

Rockin’ Fit Noms Baby Steps to Paleo I

Identify Your Mantra

Wait what, my first step has NOTHING to do with FOOD!? Yes that’s right – it is FAR more important to get the right mindset FIRST anytime you make a diet/lifestyle change.

It is important to determine a strong reason for wanting to start eating paleo (or just eating healthier in general) – it makes “sticking to it” a lot easier. Your reason can be purely for health reasons or can be much more personal. It just needs to be strong, sustainable over the long run (so “To lose 10 pounds” is not sustainable over the long run), and easy to recite. Your reason can then become a “mantra” in tough social situations, when you are stressed or just at your wits end with all this healthy crap.

Some Examples: “To get to & maintain a healthy weight,” “To control my autoimmune disease,” “To prevent or control cancer and disease,” “To support strength and muscle building” or simply “To stay forever young”

So if you are thinking about taking the paleo plunge, or already have and failed, ask yourself first – WHY? And find your mantra.

Would love to hear some of your mantras – please share in the comments if you are willing :) 

Be Well

10 thoughts on “Baby Steps to Paleo I: Identify Your Mantra

  1. What a great idea! I don’t have a mantra, but having one in the early days really would have helped. Somewhat along the same lines of first getting the right mindset, I did read Robb Wolf’s book completely before agreeing to a complete month of strict paleo. After that, it’s really been baby steps toward eating more and more paleo. I look forward to what the rest of your series will bring.

    • Thanks Ali! I think it can help at ANY stage of the transition because its always something you can remind yourself of when it gets tough to stick to. Good luck with your baby steps and please let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to hear more about :)

  2. Great post! I want to begin Paleo soon the autoimmune protocol but am still in the research phase and getting my mind ready for it. I will have to think of how I want to word my mantra for tough times ahead so I stick to it! :)

  3. I love this idea. Recently, I’ve told myself that I need a mantra. I kind of have two

    1) FINISH IT. I’ve started Paleo and other health-programs a million times. Jokingly I say, “Sugar’s easy to quit. I’ve done it a thousand times.” So, this time I want to finish it. I want to reach my goal.

    2)”I’m a size two.” I’m trying to employ a little psycho-cybernetics. Instead of focusing on what I need to do, I’m acting like I already have done it. Before my last child, I was a size 2/4. I remember how I conducted myself. Food wasn’t an emotional issue for me. I would eat, and I would exercise. I found happiness in things other than food. I still ate cookies from time to time, but more than 80% of the time, I made good choices because I loved my body. … Now, I find myself saying negative things, and those have been getting me nowhere. So..yeah – “I’m a size two.” has been helping me to eat tuna fish rather than pasta. You know. :)

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